17th March 2023 7pm: Memories of costumes, Dr. Usman Guru

Memories of

costumes… We enter into Time.. Travelling back n forth in time.. There is this concept…time is our awarness which comes out of repetitive movements of things in space.. Like the needles of clock repeats circles to give us a sense of time.. Same with Earth going around Sun to give us a sense of year.. Like wise.. So time exists through space..But where does the space which gives us the sense of time exists.. Where do two points which gives us a spatial configuration exists.. It exists in Greater Time… The concept of Kaala Bhairava… Kaala means Time.. As well Kaala means black.. Black is something which we are unaware about… We study things by hermenuetically analyzing the effects on light by it… Heisenbergz uncertainity principle is related.. Is Light the absence of darkness or is Darkness the absence of light… Can light and darkness exist simultaneously.. As even light  cannot escape from that one.. It is called black hole n we donnot know.. When studying in school, i came across the concept of point being zero dimension and line being multiple points.. How can a dimension comes out of dimensionlessness was is my doubt..Kaalanathaka.. The killer of Greater Time.. One said..Everything i know in this creation is known through name, form, quality, space and time.. So that which exists before creation is nameless, formless, qualityless, spaceless and timeless.. So what existed before time.. How can we conceive that.. Or is it creator itself exists as us all creation..