Feb 17th 8 PM – GOWWLI live

Gowwli is an experimental folk-rock storytellers based out of the Auroville and we tell our tale through music. Gowwli in literal sense means Lizards, which symbolises survival and regeneration; A Tale of a Tail – An eternal cycle of transformation through music. Gowwli is a folk multi-genre, multi-lingual experimental folk rock band that believes in transforming and recreating themselves through music.
• Genre – Multi Genre ( Folk, Rock Jazz, Blues ….)
• Language – Multi language( Malayalam, Tamil and English)

Band Members :
• Bovas – Rhythm guitarist / Vocals
• Akshai – Lead Guitarist / Vocals
• Swaroop- Drummer
• Jaijea – Bass Guitarist / Vocals

Awards and Recognition:
Gowwli was recognised by Pondicherry Tourism as the Frontiers of Cultural Exchange Performers for the year 2022.