27th -29th Jan 2023 Kochi Biennale // Cabral yard: Welding with found objects / Collaborative sculptureby Vivek Chockalingam

The workshop will start with short exercises on visualizing in 3d (real life)- using everyday objects and talking about aesthetics in the 3d space. Then we will walk around Fort Kochi and find materials from the road, second hand stores and junk yards. Though the materials will be mostly metal, the participants can add other things that complement the sculpture. There will be a basic introduction to welding, where the participants will build the parts of the sculpture using the materials they have procured. The general subject of the sculptures will be about second lives and finding new meanings through these upcycled objects. This workshop will also be about making in collaboration, looking at the idea of ownership and collective creativity.

Venue: Art Room at DLF Cabral Yard
Time: 10 am to 5 pm