08.Jan 2023 6.30 pm Santhi Priya Live

Santhi Priya gives a glimpse into the enticing sound of Baul Music. Santhipriya is a baul singer. Srimati Parvathy Baul from west Bengal is her Guru. She also learns Kabir songs from Guru Prahlad Singh Tipaniya. The words of the Guru in song form is what deeply moves her. She is from wayanad, now lives in Thiruvannamalai with her husband and son. Bauls are wandering minstrels of Bengal. They are the carriers of the songs which are called mahajoner pad, the songs of the great souls.The songs are words of wisdom that one can hold on to in life and find refuge on times of hardships. They guide one who is interested to an inner search where the baul says one can meet the moner manush. The man of the heart.

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