07. Jan 23 7 PM: Notion(s) In Between You And Me.

A devised solo performance by Savita Rani @binoosmile

‘Notion(s)’ as a concept emerged from the efforts to understand the socio-political situations occurring all around the world. We are connected to the world mostly through our defined identities and keep using all kinds of notions to defend, save and amplify our identities influenced by the socio-economic power equations based on religion, region, caste, gender, complexion, race, nationality, color, body structure etc. Hence, Notions are the very important aspect of the power structure that never allows us to interrogate or question the contemporary functionality of notions within us. Notions like purity, superiority, strength and power are getting traded in this business run by our respective societies. And it becomes extremely difficult to address these notions as they are intangible. Can we see them? Can we figure them out? Can we stop them? This invisible enemy is growing and getting bigger at an astounding pace, every passing moment. And it is churning and growing inside all of us, without any exception.